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Dad's Song

The meaning behind my song.

Fidel Flores

Dad's Song

If you noticed, I have released the song I wrote called, "Dad's Song" with the subtitle, "You Listen to Me". Dad will always be my #1 fan. I can still recall the memories of me practicing guitar while he sat there recording my music on a tape cassette recorder as he drank his beer. I literally would stop playing when he wanted a break to get another drink. Now, he wasn't over indulging, but instead, he just enjoyed hearing me sing and play my guitar. He would often offer words of advice.

The song has a double meaning. In my life, dad was hearing my music and cheering me on. For many other people, their dad may have been cheering them on or being a soundboard in other ways. Having a parent who cares and loves you is such a blessing in life.

One more word about the song. The talented sax player in the song is Poley Barcenez. When I originally worked with Poley on other music, I brought my parents with me. We then realized that Poley was the Godson of my parents. They had lost contact with his family. Although my song has a country sound, I had to have Poley grace us with his saxophone on the solo.

Thank you dad for always listening to me from a simple song to fatherly wisdom.

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