Biography of an Everyday Couple has been given a 5-star ranking by Readers' Favorite. Read from reviewer, Tracy Young, about this ordinary couple, Alice and Fidel Flores, who led extraordinary lives.  

Also, below the review, have a listen to Lorrie Parise's songs. She is ranked #1 locally for bluegrass/folk music by ReverbNation. 

Biography of an Everyday Couple

ISBN 978-1-54394-021-3

"Biography of an Everyday Couple: Turning Ordinary Into Inspirational by Lorrie Parise is a daughter’s testament to her parents. Alice and Fidel have been together for 64 years and it is time for one of them to leave. Lorrie and her family must cope with the heartbreaking demise of Alice and how it affects her family and friends, while accepting that Fidel will be hit the hardest by the loss of his soulmate. Interspersed between the sadness and poignancy of Alice’s situation, Lorrie has shared with us the story of her parents' love and the ways they touched the lives of people they encountered. Alice and Fidel were no ordinary couple; they were extraordinary people living a life that was filled with love.

This book is written with such love that it leaps off the pages. Lorrie Parise has written Biography of an Everyday Couple to share her parents with the world and I thank her for it. Alice and her affinity with children, and the love she shared with them, is heartwarming and joyful. Fidel is her rock and we learn how this simple man tackled adult education and overcame the obstacles life placed in his way. They were loved by so many people and they inspired love in others. Lorrie shares her stories of a family and friends that we would all like to create, and a love story we would all like to experience. Lorrie speaks from the heart and this is what defines the book, a truly inspiring story. I loved it."

-Tracy Young, Reviewer for Readers' Favorite 

Dad's Song (You Listen to Me)

Words & Music by Lorrie Parise​

Tengo Un Carino (I Have a Love)

Words by Lorrie Parise & Javier Gonzalez; Music by Lorrie Parise